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Yeah, in May, I'll have endured through all of my exams.
The people from my grade have planned a vacation trip to somewhere where there is a lot of sun, sand, water and alcohol.
Since I cannot bring myself to enjoy being in public, neither can I bear being in a swimsuit in public nor being seen in a swimsuit or in short clothes by anyone, I cannot go with them.
Well, therefore, three of my friends and me had plans to go somewhere together. Where WE want to go.
Yeah, but that's where my problem is...
I do not want to go where they want to go. They thought about somewhere where it's not that expensive and inside of the EU, because then we won't have to pay for a passport. (We can just travel with our ID)
Well, their choices would be: Paris, Barcelona, Glasgow, Dublin, Prague or Venecia...I'd connect this visit with taking a ship to Dublin, for example. So that the flight costs are used efficiently.

That's why I decided to have my own trip. I do not want to pay a lot of money for something I only want to do half-heartedly. It'll be my last vacation in a looooooong time, since I'm gonna start university in October, hopefully.

My choice would lay between Japan and the United States.
Since my "japanese skills" are "rusty"(Hey, SPN fansXD) and my favourite band who I really wish to see live when I'm in Japan does not give any concerts in that time, I chose the USA. *uwees* It'll be my first real vacation to somewhere since my family is rather poor, we haven't had the chance to travel somewhere yet.

I used the advantage of Google Maps and pointed out all the places, cities, etc. which I really want to visit.
And I noticed....I need a drivers licenceXD Definitely.
Or else, the transportation costs wil be horrific.
Plus, part of my dream is to just drive on the highway through nowhere and feel freeXD Be my own boss. Stop wherever and whenever I want. Not being tied to the decisions of others.

That's why I created this map.
To my american friends here, I'd like to meet all of youXD Everyone with whom I shared fabulous memories and moments.
If you think so as well, mark your city in this map and write who you are in the descriptionXD so that I can see who likes me, tooXD
(I know this sounds crazy, but when I pay the flight to the U.S., I'm gonna use it up and do at least a lot! of the things I always wanted to do there.)


If this link doesn't work, it'd be great when you tell me about it.
Sorry for being that creepyXD


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